Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention Monitoring & Evaluation Webinar: Modeling SMC in the context of national malaria strategic planning and Global Fund applications

Co-hosted by the SMC Alliance Monitoring & Evaluation subgroup and the Applied Malaria Modeling Network (AMMnet)

Includes live interpretation in French

This webinar will discuss how national malaria control programs (NMCPs) approach SMC during their subnational intervention planning process, national malaria strategic plan development, and resource mobilization plans from the Global Fund and others. Mathematical modeling is increasingly being used to inform these discussions, including providing impact estimates of adding cycles, expanding the eligible age range, and expanding to new districts.

The webinar will open with a presentation of the overall process of subnational targeting of interventions and the context for modeling with a special focus on SMC. Next, individual modeling groups that have supported this process will present the assumptions and approaches that go into their SMC models. This will be followed by an example from an NMCP illustrating their SMC targeting approach and how modeling informed their discussions. The session will conclude with a presentation on how decisions on SMC have been made in Global Fund funding requests.

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